Vibe Porcelain Tiles

With Vibe, wood look porcelain tiles, you will experience the warm vibrations of a material that tinges daily-life spaces and reinterprets them. The tiles of the Vibe collection are a substantial ceramics that, from floors to walls, are able to welcome you and tell you about yourself.

Vibe wood look porcelain tiles is inspired by 6 wood essences: Quercia and Rovere, with a natural feel, to decorate spaces with elegance and character; Frost and Cinder that reinterpret the timeless style of wood in a contemporary way. Then Marsala marking any space with an appealing touch.

Sober and elegant, the Vibe wood look porcelain tiles characterise daily life spaces also thanks to the 3 decorative motifs, Squares, Woodmix and Blocks, that evoke ancient decors and interpret them in a contemporary way.

Vibe wood look porcelain tiles, entirely Made in Italy, are the result of the merger of technology and eco-sustainability and offer design solutions for any architectural need.