Rox Porcelain Tiles

Rox Collection is the new porcelain stoneware collection by Caesar created by the merge of the most modern ceramic technology and the alluring beauty of natural quartzite. A contemporary interpretation of a natural element, able to bring a lively and marked personality to spaces.

Rox Collection is available in two surface finishes, soft and grip, able to create differentiated planning solutions. Many and varied surfaces to create venues where indoors and outdoors merge, encouraging a visual, chromatic and material effect of continuity.

The collection offers to planners and designers a broad and versatile range of solutions. An endless variety of sizes to meet contemporary residential and commercial needs, creating venues with a strong appeal and rich in naturalness.

The faithful reproduction of quartzite, its beauty coming from the fact that no two solutions are completely the same, guaranteed by a myriad of surface graphics, always different and inspired to natural quarry stones. A marked colour-shading for a dynamic and lively effect, where colours run into the textures creating a delicate motion.

Made in Italy.