Porcelain Pavers

At Bigapplemarble.com, we offer eight premium quality porcelain paver colors, each with a contemporary design to suit different tastes. Our porcelain pavers are 24” x24” in size and ¾” thick. They are sold in full boxes, each box covering 8 sf. Additionally, 6”x6” swatch samples are available upon request, allowing you to envision the perfect design for your space.

Porcelain pavers are paver stones made with the same techniques as porcelain tile but are made to be thick, sturdy, and heavy-duty. They will not crack, chip, or break the way thinner tiles might. They will not stain, discolor, or grow mold or moss-like traditional stone pavers.

One of the most compelling reasons to consider our porcelain pavers for outdoor living and entertainment areas is their low maintenance. These pavers can endure for several decades with regular upkeep and simple cleaning. This makes them a worthwhile investment that generations can enjoy without worrying about constant maintenance.